Stellenbosch Farmer’s Day

Vegetable Production

March 2022

Hygrotech held their annual farmer’s day during the 10th and 12th March at their Stellenbosch trial farm. The format was different this year in that ‘outside’ businesses were invited to display their products like tractors, gin, wine and boutique beer. Clients and producers of various vegetable crops attended the two days to scrutinize the latest cultivars.

Various cultivars caught the eye, none more so than melon Flavor Time which is destined to bring a new dimension to the melon industry. Flavor Time is a yellow Eastern Shipper with a long shelf life. This cultivar is the first of its kind and will enter the market in the coming season to the benefit of the producer and end-user alike. A new summer broccoli Spectre withstood the very warm conditions extremely well and produced head sizes of 400 grams.

Other new materials / varieties to look-out for in the coming days are tomatoes, peppers, chilli’s, sweet corn and watermelons. Hygrotech will therefore continue the tradition next year and strive to improve even further on our already very successful and sought-after farmers days in the Western Cape.


      • Tomato HY2495 performed well enough to progress to phase two trials next season.
      • HY243, a Bayer saladette tomato, caught the eye due to exceptional plant and fruit quality.
      • Broccoli Spectre handled adverse heat conditions with ease.

Compiled by Hugo Burger – Technical Manager, Western Cape.

Butternut Squash Fritters

Whether enjoyed as a delightful appetizer or a side dish at your next gathering, these fritters are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Nu-Film P – Deposition on Onion Leaves

A trial was conducted to confirm the ability of Nu-Film P to improve the deposition of agri-chemicals during sprays on onion leaves.

Asco-Gro on Citrus

Asco-Gro on Citrus

South African citrus producers report the successful inclusion of Asco-Gro as part of their total fertigation practices during production.

Tuta Absoluta

Tuta absoluta has been a constant thorn in the side of many growers across South Africa, costing them millions of Rands worth of revenue.

Tomato SV4129TH

This indeterminate round variety is remarkable in the sense that it is highly adaptable to different growing conditions and growing areas within the Sub-Saharan region.

Pruning Tomato SCX825

The pruning of indeterminate open field tomato plants is a rather unconventional practice. However, the results were excellent.

Quality Sweetcorn

Hygrotech is very proud to announce that it will be introducing, marketing, and selling the May Seed sweetcorn programme in Southern Africa.

Choosing a Butternut Variety

What are the specifications of the end user? Export, chopping, dicing, or whole? Also consider shape, disease resistance, yield and weight.

Hybrid Habanero Cultivars

Hygrotech has screened the first hybrid Habanero cultivars. In these trials all three cultivars stood out in plant sizes and fruit quality.

Carrot Sturgeon Stood Out In Trials

Carrot Sturgeon stood out in Hygrotech’s trials. Dorado came in at a close second. The two varieties complement each other excellently.