Brassica Range is Booming!

Vegetable Production

Hygrotech's Brassica Range

Hygrotech’s brassica offering to the South African market is expanding into a serious contender for market share. The return of Seminis as a supplier to Hygrotech, brought with it the return of familiar ‘’friends’’, namely Broccoli Ironman F1 and Cabbage Menzania F1. The return of these two iconic varieties to the fold is being welcomed by growers and combined with the new broccoli material from Seminis, Hygrotech can field a strong team to contend with any other genetics in the market.

Cabbage Defender F1

Defender F1, of Eastern origin, complements the Menzania in many aspects and can be planted from spring, through summer into autumn. Defender F1, with its large frame and flat round heads is an ideal partner for Menzania F1. Heads are quick to maturity with good field tolerance to black rot and can easily reach between 4-5 kg in size under optimal circumstances.


Broccoli Ironman F1

Broccoli Ironman F1 (Seminis) lives up to the first segment of its name as it is very adaptable under adverse weather conditions that adversely affect other competitive varieties. In addition, Ironman F1 performs especially well in the coastal regions, handling the threat of Alternaria very well. Ironman F1 is thus ideally suited for production in the shoulder months of the year – Autumn and Spring. Variety security = Ironman!

Broccoli Abrams F1

Broccoli Abrams F1 (Seminis) is in many aspects like a US tank with the same name. It is a new generation variety that supplies high quality dark green heads, ably supported by a strong plant. The medium bead structure is suitable to all market demands and under optimum conditions the heads average between 350g-450g.

Broccoli Abrams F1 _ Main Season Broccoli

Hygrotech has sourced an excellent range of cauliflower varieties from a European source that specializes in cauliflower breeding. The introduction of this material to the South African market fully complements the broccoli and cabbage ranges.

Cauliflower Coburg 1035-F1 Main Season-Cauliflower

Cauliflower Coburg F1

Coburg F1 can be used for fresh and processed markets alike. The pedigree of this variety was confirmed in trial results by one of the largest processors in South Africa when it topped the yield charts! Its attributes include an upright leaf structure that offers protection from the sun and supplies a white dome shaped head with well rounded curds. This variety is suited to cooler weather conditions and is recommended for mainly autumn productions. Under optimum conditions very uniform heads of 400-450g are harvested.

Cauliflower Bergen F1

Cauliflower Bergen F1 is slightly smaller than Coburg F1, and is suited for Autumn productions, supplying uniform heads of an average of between 350-450g.

Cauliflower Bergen 1103 F1

Written by Christo La Grange

ENCLAVE (Bush Bean)

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Nitrospray Plus

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Nu-Film P

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A trial was conducted to confirm the ability of Nu-Film P to improve the deposition of agri-chemicals during sprays on onion leaves.

Asco-Gro on Citrus

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Tuta Absoluta

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Pruning Tomato SCX824

Pruning Tomato SCX824

The pruning of indeterminate open field tomato plants is a rather unconventional practice. However, the results were excellent.

Quality Sweetcorn

Quality Sweetcorn

Hygrotech is very proud to announce that it will be introducing, marketing, and selling the May Seed sweetcorn programme in Southern Africa.