Offering a “one-stop” service to more than 4000 clients throughout South Africa, Hygrotech offers many of the necessities for the modern vegetable farmer and agricultural community.

Hygrotech Seed Range

Vegetable Seeds

We’ve made it easy to find the right seeds according to variety and quantity. View our extensive range below.

Hygrotech Seed Range

Pasture Seeds

From Sahara to Teff, Hygrotech offers a wide range of high quality pasture seeds for all your needs. View our range below.


Hygrotech supplies a variety of FertAgChem products and is a leader in research and development of agricultural chemicals.

Hygrotech Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives

Get in touch with one of our sales representatives to answer all your questions and give you the best product recommendations.

Retail Branches

Hygrotech has several retail branches across South Africa, bringing a diverse range of agricultural products closer to your door.

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