Offering a “one-stop” service to more than 4000 clients throughout South Africa, Hygrotech offers many of the necessities for the modern vegetable farmer and agricultural community.

Hygrotech Seed Range

Vegetable Seeds

We’ve made it easy to find the right seeds according to variety and quantity. View our extensive range below.

Hygrotech Seed Range

Pasture Seeds

From Sahara to Teff, Hygrotech offers a wide range of high quality pasture seeds for all your needs. View our range below.


Hygrotech supplies a variety of FertAgChem products and is a leader in research and development of agricultural chemicals.

Stay Informed

Download our latest Forum magazine, filled with farmers’ success stories and product highlights.

Hygrotech Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives

Get in touch with one of our sales representatives to answer all your questions and give you the best product recommendations.

Retail Branches

Hygrotech has several retail branches across South Africa, bringing a diverse range of agricultural products closer to your door.

Nitrospray Plus

Nitrospray Plus is formulated to stimulate growth during the vegetative growth stage or first crucial weeks after transplanting seedlings or young trees.
Pollinator Safety - Bee

Pollinator Safety

Read up on the Do’s and Don’ts of keeping your pollinators safe when applying pesticides and insecticides on your crops. (By CropLife)

Digging into SA’s soaring food prices

Unpack the themes driving the Agri and Food sector, the outlook for the sector, food inflation, and for South African food security.

Butternut Squash Fritters

Whether enjoyed as a delightful appetizer or a side dish at your next gathering, these fritters are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Nu-Film P – Deposition on Onion Leaves

A trial was conducted to confirm the ability of Nu-Film P to improve the deposition of agri-chemicals during sprays on onion leaves.

Asco-Gro on Citrus

Asco-Gro on Citrus

South African citrus producers report the successful inclusion of Asco-Gro as part of their total fertigation practices during production.

Tuta Absoluta

Tuta absoluta has been a constant thorn in the side of many growers across South Africa, costing them millions of Rands worth of revenue.

Pruning Tomato SCX824

The pruning of indeterminate open field tomato plants is a rather unconventional practice. However, the results were excellent.

Quality Sweetcorn

Hygrotech is very proud to announce that it will be introducing, marketing, and selling the May Seed sweetcorn programme in Southern Africa.

Stellenbosch Farmer’s Day

Hygrotech held their annual Farmer’s Day on the 10th and 12th March 2022. Read all about their great success!

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As a farmer we relaying on places like hygotech for the best farming experience for your crop, being production or just a good harvest
Terry Gerard
Terry Gerard
Great service and great seeds, would have loved a bigger variety though
Koos de Jongh
Koos de Jongh
Went to buy Hot chilli seeds. Nice and clean environment, friendly service from the personal.
Barney Badenhorst
Barney Badenhorst
Excellent products!