Bean Enclave

Vegetable Production

ENCLAVE (Bush Bean)

A 9-hectare field of ENCLAVE seed production in Washington State during July 2020 showing a good stand of healthy plants. The white seeds with a strong seed hull are sized graded and usually have a minimum of 90% germination.

About Bean Enclave

The variety was developed and released by the Hygrotech breeding team in 2018 and the first trial results and data showed tremendous potential for multipurpose use i.e. fresh-, processing-, freezing-, and export market from central Africa to speciality super markets in the United Kingdom.

The breeding background with strong natural vigour and disease resistance allow the variety to stand up against viruses and rust.

The refined 14 – 15 cm pods of ENCLAVE could easily be used as an export fine bean with a little extra length with its classy straight green shiny pods and uniform length’s. The medium green plants with its upright growth habit have uniform height and the concentrated pod set make hand harvesting an easy feat resulting in a very high percentage pack out. It also has good leaf cover and heat tolerance.

Seed production in the Southern and Northern hemisphere provides risk management to have seed available 12 months of the year.

Most of the Southern hemisphere seed production is used in South Africa, COMESA and SADC countries with particular success in Zambia for subsistence and small-scale farmers.

Northern hemisphere seed production is done in Idaho and Washington, well known states in the USA for high quality and disease free bean seed production.

ENCLAVE has found markets in the central and northern states of the USA and is also being grown in Guatemala as hand picked fresh market beans.


  • Cultivation: Open-field | Fresh Market 
  • Type: Fresh | Export | Pre-pack 
  • Days to maturity: 55 – 65 days 
  • Pods: 14 – 15 cm length | 7 – 8,5 mm diameter | Dark/Medium green 
  • Type: Fine 
  • Plantstand: 150 – 250 000 p/ha


  • Attractive straight, dark green pods
  • Concentrated pod set
  • Upright growth habit
  • Good leaf cover and heat tolerance
  • Medium to dark green plant
  • Smooth, shiny pods

Disease Resistances

  • Bean Common Mosaic Virus
  • Beet Curly top Virus
  • Rust

Bean ENCLAVE is a very unique fresh market green bean variety for multiple use and applications.

A healthy seed production pod set of ENCLAVE showing the thin, uniform shiny green pods.

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