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Hygrotech is very proud to announce that it will be introducing, marketing, and selling the May Seed sweetcorn programme in Southern Africa. We are very excited by this opportunity and the fact that May Seed is a sister company within the Zaad Holdings group of companies, which makes good business sense.

The sweetcorn programme is well known around the world with large volumes of sales being done globally. Their varieties thus also compete globally with the material from all breeding programmes from all the players in the global sweetcorn market. Their knowledge of what the market requirements are for material for both the processing and fresh market is unparalleled and as most of their varieties are already commercial, introducing the varieties to the South African grower should be a quicker strategy than what is the norm with phase one material.

Hygrotech has already, with the help and suggestions of the May technical team, selected varieties to trial in the coming months, both from the commercial material as well as newer selections. Once the material has arrived in South Africa, sweetcorn growers can expect a visit from a very enthusiastic Hygrotech representative with seed to trial against the current standard varieties.

Published press release about May Seed

The seed company that makes the highest investments in R&D in the Turkish agriculture sector – May Seed.

Active in R&D, production, marketing, and sales of vegetable, field, and industrial plant seeds since 1978, May Seed continues its intensive R&D activities without slowing down. Thanks to its ‘on-site breeding’ strategy, May Seed develops the seed varieties that are the most compatible with the soil and climate and the most resistant to stress conditions in addition to being the most productive for Turkish farmers and the target geographies globally. May Seed develops highly competitive seed crops in the varieties it is active at its 5 R&D Centers in Turkey. 

9% of Revenue Is Spared to R&D 

Making the highest investment in R&D activities in the Turkish seed and plant breeding sector, the seed company May Seed continues its globally competitive investments without slowing down, allocating 9% of its revenues to R&D studies. May Seed invests in R&D studies on hybrid sunflower, hybrid corn and cotton crops among agronomic crops. In the vegetable group, the company develops competitive varieties with investments in Sweet Corn, Bean and Industrial Tomato crops and presents them to the market under the May brand.

May Seed has R&D Centers in 5 regions of Turkey with different climatic conditions. The company continues its seed breeding activities focusing on hybrid corn and cotton in its R&D center in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, hybrid sunflowers in Thrace and hybrid corn and cotton varieties in the Aegean region. In the R&D Center in the Marmara Region, the company continues its activities on the reproduction of the related seed variety lines. Thanks to its expert breeder team and using state-of-the-art equipment and fully-controlled greenhouses, May Seed conducts R&D activities such as basic breeding activities, variety selection, line improvement, disease testing for up to 3 generations a year.

Seed and license exports to more than 45 countries

May Seed exports the seed varieties it develops to more than 45 countries and made its mark as a highly competitive company in the international seed sector by effectively promoting itself in the broad geography including America, European Union, Middle East, Black Sea, Central Asia, and Africa. May Seed produces the seed varieties it develops with the on-site breeding strategy in Turkey on an area of 12,000 hectares. The company prepares the seeds it produces in its 36,000-ton capacity seed processing and packaging facilities in Bursa and Adana and presents them to the Turkish and global markets. Increasing its market share both at home and abroad with its expert marketing and sales team, May Seed exports to more than 45 countries.

More than 200 varieties licensed and approved abroad

Being the only Turkish seed company that has product expertise and global competitive power to develop and sell license and seed technology in the international market with May brand, May Seed provides added value to Turkish Seed sector with its over 200 varieties licensed abroad, continuing its stable rise in global markets.

Written by Henry van der Voort.

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