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Hygrotech has just screened the first hybrid Habanero cultivars. In these trials all three cultivars stood out regarding their plant sizes and fruit quality. Slightly bigger fruits than the old fashioned open pollinated. We are very excited to introduce something that will benefit all parties involved.

Nurseries can now produce seedlings of high standard due to the vigour of hybrid potential. Due to quicker nursery turnaround, growers will receive strong and healthy plants with exceptional disease resistances. These plants grow stronger and almost as quick as normal hot peppers.

The below mentioned range is ideal for the serious Habanero grower. Higher seed prices can be expected, but with quicker, stronger and healthier plants one can recover the difference easily. 

In the picture: These impressive plants stood out in the Komatipoort area. Strong healthy struture insure top yields and protection agaisnt sunburn.

The Cultivars

Hygrotech R & D

Brenna F1

Green to Red

Strong, compact plant. Outstanding leave cover. Fruits turn from green to red. Average fruit size of 5x3cm can be produced. Disease tolerance: L4, CMV, CVMV, N, TSWV, PMMoV.

Ember F1

Green to Orange

Strong plant with excellent fruit setting capacity. Fruits turn from green to orange. Fruit sizes reaching 5x3cm.  Disease tolerances: CVMV, N, TSWV, PVY.

Arati F1

Green to Yellow

This cultivar has a strong and tall plant. Massive yield potential.  Bigger fruit sizes compared to open pollinated ranges. Disease tolerance: CVMV, N, TSWV, PVY.

Compiled by Christo Le Grange.

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